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Lobster Terrine - The Oyster ShedLobster Terrine - The Oyster Shed
Lobster Terrine
Sale price£6.50
White Truffle Mustard 200g - The Oyster Shed
White Truffle Mustard 200g
Sale price£5.50
Hollandaise Sauce - The Oyster Shed
Hollandaise Sauce
Sale price£5.00
Scallop Terrine - The Oyster ShedScallop Terrine - The Oyster Shed
Scallop Terrine
Sale price£6.25
Lurpak Garlic Butter 125g - The Oyster Shed
Lurpak Garlic Butter 125g
Sale price£2.10
Game Pate Selection - The Oyster Shed
Game Pate Selection
Sale price£13.95
Fish Terrine Selection - The Oyster Shed
Fish Terrine Selection
Sale price£13.95
Smoked Salmon Rillette - The Oyster ShedSmoked Salmon Rillette - The Oyster Shed
Smoked Salmon Rillette
Sale price£6.25
Smoked Garlic Aioli
Smoked Garlic Aioli
Sale price£3.95
White Tuna Rillettes - The Oyster ShedWhite Tuna Rillettes - The Oyster Shed
White Tuna Rillettes
Sale price£6.25
Mackerel Rillette - The Oyster ShedMackerel Rillette - The Oyster Shed
Mackerel Rillette
Sale price£6.25
Prawn Terrine Large - The Oyster ShedPrawn Terrine Large - The Oyster Shed
Prawn Terrine Large
Sale price£6.25
Sea Salt with Truffles - The Oyster Shed
Sea Salt with Truffles
Sale price£11.99
Trout Terrine with Almonds Large - The Oyster Shed

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